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The US Review of Books

"Evolution: New Human Abilities, The Blugees Book 1 by Edward Morse "I can't help but wonder when someone will realize there is something definitely different about us." When a group of teenage Florida track runners and their coach end up off the beaten trail, they come across an amazing sight to behold: a tree covered in bright blue leaves. After some of the group climb the tree and pluck off some leaves, the tree begins to shake and emits a blue dust that covers the area, causing all of them to pass out. When they awaken, everything seems normal, except that the tree is no longer blue. Also, the time on the coach's GPS doesn't add up with the time on the clock. In a short time, the group that calls themselves the Blugees learn that they have all been granted extraordinary powers due to their encounter with the tree. Encountering aliens, time travel, and an apocalyptic disaster on the horizon, the Blugees will have to work together to save as many people as they can. Every superhero or superhero team needs an origin story, and this first book in the Blugees' saga gives the reader an understanding of where the characters get their powers and the tremendously grave decision they must shortly begin preparing for. Yet there's more to this story than just action and the supernatural, introducing the reader to a group of very sincere and fully considered characters. The action and scale of the story escalate quickly, giving readers plenty of action and high stakes once the world of the book and its rules have been firmly established. The character development and level of vocabulary make this a strong work of young adult fiction, despite the main narrator being an adult rather than one of the children. That perspective adds some grounding and levelheaded responsibility to what fast becomes a wild adventure. Readers with an eye for fantasy or superhero-type fiction will be fascinated by the Blugees."

The Us Review of Books

"Blugee: The Blugees Book 2  second edition by Edward Morse 

"The spiders were coming over the mountain in droves. Then everything got really scary. The spiders seemed to be like the game in superior mode. They started jumping like they did when Charles was playing." The planets of Blugee and Dearth are shrouded in the shadow of war against their enemies, the dastardly spiders. It has raged for years, shaping the planets' physical and political landscape and forcing many of Blugee's residents into the military. Four young boys grow up in this world, abandoned by their families, their military fates already sealed. But when a young couple offers the boys a good home, they band together as brothers and grow up into brave young men ready to face their destinies. As they embark on their journey as fighters, they learn to harness their strengths and apply them to the tasks before them, helping to advance the fighting and weaponry. They may just be four young men, but their presence on the battlefield will change the shape of the war forever. This second installment of the Blugee chronicles shows how powerful the combination of friendship and personal strengths can be. It's an energetic blend of action movie antics, science fiction, and fantasy. The book delves into the more realistic aspect of war and fighting, shedding light on weapon and armor development, training to fight, negotiating with the enemy, and much more readers will have to discover on their own. The story follows the growth of these four boys-turned-men as they navigate the complexities of various large-scale conflicts, from a war against the unknown to finding peace and understanding toward those different from you. Readers should enjoy joining this full cast of memorable characters on an epic journey of growth, time, and a fair share of secrets. Simple writing and engaging action sequences make this a fun read!"

The US Review of Books

"Immortality Lost: The Blugees Book 3  second edition by Edward Morse 

"If our memories were wiped, and then we were put into the exact time we left without having the potential for gaining our talents, we would know nothing to have happened." Each book in this sci-fi series brings fresh adventures and challenges affecting the athletic friends who call themselves the Blugees. Immortal, and gifted with superpowers, they originally worked to save the planet from an imminent collision with a meteor, then created new worlds that challenge their abilities. In this third adventure, some hostile immortals (who think the Blugees have created too many new worlds and have brought too many new immortals into the system) demand termination of new worlds and want to return those worlds' immortals, including the Blugees, to their mortal condition. But doing so will remove the Blugees' powers and wipe their memories out, which will upset life in their future. The characters age throughout the series, but are suddenly restored to their middle-school age and original location in this tale. The story is light on description and dialogue-heavy in the early pages as the group returns to their homeworld. Using dialogue to reveal relevant plot points is alternately a weakness and a strength in this tale. At times, this storytelling convention creates more questions than answers, but it effectively keeps readers turning pages because the characters are engaging, and the story arc is compelling. Readers may wish to read the first two books in order to understand better some of the references in this book. Although the story's pace may seem a bit slow even after the characters move forward to explore their environment because of the detailed narrative about ordinary daily events, these details are useful in understanding the laws of physics in the Blugee universe. Readers of young adult sci-fi and fantasy will appreciate the Blugees' adventures and their superpowers as they revisit their past and review the motivations that have brought them to this point."

The US Review of books

Yellow: The Blugees Book 4
by Edward Morse

book review by Kate Robinson

"Running in a group is tough but running as a group in chains was tougher for even the strong."

Al and Om have been reborn as slaves on the planet known as Yellow, a world run by domestic cats. The guards of the facility, as well as King Siamese, are from the cheetah clan of the Kingdom of Siam, one of four realms on the planet. The young men know of three other realms, and of those, two are much too hostile to escape into. Nobody who ever escapes into the amorphic realm near the dome of Siam is ever seen again. A second realm is dominated by a dangerous wolf-like creature. The third is said to be a human realm, but nobody knows how to reach it. Al and Om are joined in their quest to escape Yellow by their friends Christen and Jenny as they approach the age in which humans enter the breeding program, expected to mate and reproduce. But their escape plans are thwarted, and surprising new alliances are formed when the group is relocated and their destiny and past revealed in a surprise ending.
In this fourth book in the series, it is evident that the author's ability to produce an engaging and well-crafted story continues to improve, making this book a seamless and enjoyable read. The storytelling, character development, plot, pacing, and the balance between narrative and dialogue are quite accomplished. The characters are older in this tale than in the others, and, therefore, the content may be geared to an older young adult audience, as well. Although readers would better grasp the Blugees' characters and agenda by reading the first three books in the series, newcomers should still enjoy this science fiction novel as a fanciful standalone story.

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The US Review of Books.

"The Beginning: The Blugees Book 5 by Edward Morse "If they make it past the champion, they will be awarded a royal position in the palace. Let the games begin!" This fifth book in the author's science fiction series plunges the reader into the past to understand the immortal group of friends with superpowers known as the Blugees. Their world is full of swamps and, eventually, corruption. It is ruled by a cruel man named Burch, and people who have magical abilities or talents are either born of the royal line or brought into the palace to serve the royals, including the Blugees. Apes and gators are in conflict away from the palace. As the gators begin to kill people, a man named Jim is sent to understand the problem. When he brings the information back, Burch creates the games. With the assistance of weapons created by a man called Arvin and the apes, they enter a battle to the death with the gators. Enjoying the experience, Burch decides to create an arena for battles to the death, beginning with the apes and gators and later between people. Better and fiercer weapons are created. While Jim is unhappy with his role in this, he also fears for his family's safety. As he and the children who will become the Blugees navigate a world colored by Burch and his viciousness, they soon find themselves in situations they could never have expected. Riveting and fast-paced, this book follows the history of the Blugees and the dangers they faced early in their lives. With battle sequences, magical powers, and questions of morality, this book not only answers where the Blugees began but also captivates the reader in a historical, science fiction setting. Simple text and dialogue keep the quick pace and make this book appeal to a broad audience. The reader remains intrigued by twists and turns along the way and can easily enter this fascinating new world."

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The latest of the Blugee series. The Blugees are drafted into several situations to make corrections or just having fun. This book touches Cassie's world. Good stand alone book, even better if you know all of their characteristics and abilities.